Introducting the PIG Swift Mechanical Support (SMS) Sling December 07 2014

HOT BACON ALERT!!! Patrol Incident Gear (PIG),, launches the PIG Swift Mechanical Support (SMS) Sling!

Designed by an avid hunter, outdoorsman and professional user, the PIG SMS Sling gives you the best of both worlds; a quick adjust 2-point sling and a traditional loop sling that gives a rock-solid supported shooting platform in hasty situations.

The PIG SMS Sling features an innovative midway support strap connected to the rifle just forward of the action. This support strap conveniently stays out of the way in 2-point carry mode, and can be quickly deployed in seconds to take a fast sling-supported shot with confidence. The PIG SMS Sling is the ultimate solution for riflemen in both the hunting and tactical fields.

Supported kneeling is one of the most versatile shooting positions when cover and terrain don't allow for shots to be taken from prone and the PIG SMS Sling takes kneeling to new heights of stability.

The SMS Sling is proudly made in the USA by Patrol Incident Gear.