What is the meaning of your logo?  

A: Our trademarked logo is a large fat durty pig with tiger stripes.  The pig symbolizes our insatiable appetite for creating world-class tactical gear.  The tiger stripes represent the ferocity in which we expect our gear to be used.  Combining the two means that we have actually imagined a Pig mounting a Tiger, which makes us pretty sick individuals.  Yeah our mascot doesn't have talons and attack it's prey from the sky, but our PIG can roll in shit and dispose of dead bodies.  

Are you aware of the negative connotation of the word "PIG" for law enforcement?

A: Does a bear shit in the woods?  LOL.  If you can't laugh with us, well, we’ll do the laughing for the both of us.  We’re also aware of the fact that most of our nation's enemies don't like pork.  All that went into the consideration of naming our brand "PIG".

Where is your nylon gear made?

A: All PIG nylon gear is Made in USA.  We use a number of quality US sewing manufacturers to get our tactical gear produced.  If you find PIG nylon gear that isn't made here, it's a knock off.  The fakes are out there- always check the label!

Where are your gloves made?

A: The PIG gloves are made in Vietnam.  The factory we deal with is the best sporting glove factory in the world.  As sad and unbelievable as it was for us to hear, the fact is that the US garment industry no longer has the capability to handle the complex designs and construction of PIG gloves.  This is the consequence of outsourcing overseas for decades in the name of profits.  Just telling you how it is- don't hate the messenger.  

What is the relationship between PIG and SKD?

A: It used to be purely erotic, but now it's more complicated.  PIG was considered for years as the "in-house" brand of SKD Tactical.  Recently, PIG has taken on its own unique identity, and now it is venturing outside the roost and beginning to distribute some gloves through select dealers.  If you are a dealer and want to carry some PIG products for your business, please contact info@patrolincidentgear.com.  If you’re looking for personal gear to get your PIG fix, SKD Tactical is still a great place to go!